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Holiday Club Programme

Summer Holiday Club

Summer Time Holiday Club Programme

Opening Hours

We are open daily from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Extended Hours

Early Birds 7:30 am to 9:30 am
Night Owls 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.


Advanced Rate discount applied at checkout 15 days before each programme starts.
​1Early Birds: from 7:30am start£ 6.00 per day
​2Standard Day: 10am – 4pm£18.50 per day
3Night Owls (6pm finish)£6.00
4Night Owls Plus(6.30pm finish)£11.00

Standard Rate
​1Early Birds: from 7:30am start£8.00 per day
​2Standard Day: 10am – 4pm£20.50 per day
3Night Owls (6.00pm finish)£8.00
4Night Owls Plus (6.30pm finish)£11.00


Advanced Rate discount applied at checkout 15 days before each programme starts.
Option ​1: Early Birds from 7:30am start, £ 6.00 per day
Option ​2: Standard Day 10am – 4pm, £ 18.50 per day
Option ​3: Night Owls: 6.00pm finish, £ 6.00
Option ​3: Night Owls Plus: 6.30pm finish, £ 11.00
Standard Rate
Option ​1: Early Birds: from 7:30am start, £ 8.00 per day
Option ​2: Standard Day: 10am – 4pm, £20.50
Option ​3: Night Owls: 6.00pm finish, £ 8.00
Option ​4: Night Owls Plus: 6.30pm finish, £ 11.00


Yellow Birds Holiday Club
See poster for details. (Click or tap on poster image to zoom in)

Club Mobiles: 07411 481 447 or 07445 990 145

How to book

Click the button below to register and book your space.

Book Now

We have now began taking bookings for Summer

Holiday Club Information Pack

Opening Times

Breakfast Club: 7:30am to start of the school day.
To include a continental style breakfast.
Afterschool Club: End of the school day until 6:00pm.
To include a healthy tea-time snack.


Our clubs - All Saints church hallYellow Birds in Highams Park (EY537557)
All Saints Church Hall,
Castle Avenue,
Highams Park E4 9QD.
Club Mobile: 07445 990 145
Schools: Oakhill Primary School, Handsworth Primary School and other local primary schools.

Yellow Birds on The Green
(OFSTED No. 2592141)
Mornington Hall,
The Green,
Chingford E4 7EN.
Club Mobile: 07397 180 616
Schools: Whitehall Primary School, St Marys Catholic Primary School, Chingford Church of England Primary School, Lime Academy Larkswood.


See below for payment schedule.

Breakfast ClubFees
​1 day per week​£41.31 a month
​2 days per week​£82.61 a month
​3 days per week​£123.92 a month
​4 days per week​£165.22 a month
​5 days per week​£206.53 a month
Ad-hoc sessions​​£12.00 per session
Afterschool ClubFees
​1 day per week​£50.73 a month
​2 days per week​£101.46 a month
​3 days per week​£152.18 a month
​4 days per week​£202.91 a month
​5 days per week​£253.64 a month
Ad-hoc sessions​£18.00 per session

Breakfast Club Fees

See payment schedule below.
1 day per week: £41.31/ month
2 days per week: ​£82.61/ month
3 days per week: ​£123.92/ month
4 days per week: ​£165.22/ month
5 days per week: ​£206.53/ mnth.
Ad-hoc sessions​: ​£10.50/ session

Afterschool Fees

1 day per week: £50.73/ month
2 days per week: ​£101.46/ month
3 days per week: ​£152.18/ mnth.
4 days per week: ​£202.91/ mnth.
5 days per week: ​£253.64/ mnth.
Ad-hoc sessions​: ​£15.00/ session

How to book

Please download the booking form and email a
signed copy to childcare@yellowbirds.co.uk
Booking Form
Our clubs Direct Debit icon How to pay

How to Pay

Spread Payments

Fees are calculate over the academic year (term time only) and are divided into 11 equal payments, July (1 payment) and September – June (10 payments).

To cancel your space you are required to give one month’s notice before your next invoice will be sent out.

We only accept direct debit, childcare vouchers or a combination of childcare voucher and standing order payments. BACS payments are not  accepted.

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Payment Schedule

A guide to when fees are due

For MonthInvoice RaisedLatest Payment Date
October5th August2nd September
November5th September3rd October
December5th October2nd November
January5th November2nd December

Invoice raised: 5th Aug.
Latest payment: 2nd Sep.

Invoice raised: 5th Sep.
Latest payment: 3rd Nov.

Invoice raised: 5th Oct.
Latest payment: 2nd Nov.

Invoice raised: 5th Nov.
Latest payment: 2nd Dec.


As per government guidelines, children no longer have to be socially distant, however they will be grouped into bubbles with an allocated member of staff were possible.
See Our Covid-19 Policy for details
If a member of staff develops any symptoms they will be sent home and asked to book a test via the government portal. Children will be accompanied buy a member of staff with a Covid-19 comfort pack (a bed blanket pillow water) and taken to the designated isolation area.

The parent/ carers will be called and asked to collect the child’s via an entrance away from the main play place. The family will also be advised to book a test by the government portal. All parties will be asked to report test results to Yellow Birds. I will advise the relevant bubbles accordingly.

See Our Covid-19 Policy for details
All bookings must be made by completing a booking form. All booking forms must have a handwritten signature (electronic signature will not be accepted).
Go to download the form
Alternatively, please contact childcare@yellowbirds.co.uk and we will email you a booking form.

All booking forms must be submitted by email to childcare@yellowbirds.co.uk

All booking forms should be sent to: childcare@yellowbirds.co.uk.

This will be received by our Office Manager. Bookings are logged in order of receipt and booking confirmation is sent along with an invoice from our accounting system.

If you are a new family our Office Manager will arrange for you to visit the Club Manager and their team.

This will give you and your child the opportunity to meet the team, view the venue, ask questions, complete an onsite registration form. This includes a listing of those authorised to collect your child and consent for your child to receive medical attention if ever required.

To register your interest,

Book a Welcome Visit
While we try our very best to accommodate the childcare needs of everyone this is not always possible owing to our staff to child ratio or the maximum capacity of the club.

If we are not able to give you the space, you will be placed on the waiting list. Once 3 or more children are on the waiting list on the same day for the same club, Yellow Birds can then arrange for an additional member of staff to support. The Office Manager will contact you if a space becomes available.

In order for us to keep in contact with you in the future under the new GDPR Law (General Data Protection Regulation), we will require you to complete, sign, date and return our data consent letter and read through our data protection policy.

Once we have received your consent, we will be able to include your email address on our mailing lists so you will receive future emails with our booking forms for our out of school care and school holiday clubs which we run throughout the school year.

Download our consent form here:

PDF version
MS Word
Yes, we accept tax free childcare, childcare vouchers and direct debits. Payments can be taken by Direct Debit or must be paid using childcare vouchers or a combination of childcare vouchers and a standing order payment (if the value of your childcare voucher does not cover the cost of the whole invoice amount).

For further information, please refer to our

Policies and Procedures
Changes that do not reduce the number of sessions booked, to swap days for example, or changes to increase the number of sessions booked, can be made where available.

If you are booking a Monday we will also try and give you a space on another day following a bank holiday, but this must be arranged in advance. Decreasing the number of sessions booked will be reasonably considered, taking into consideration each circumstance, notice and the amount of reduction.

Yellow Birds operates a four week notice period however you must request and complete a cancellation request form before your next invoice is sent out; this is so that we can find out the reason for cancelling and give us the opportunity to fill your child’s space.

For example – to cancel your booking in February you would need to submit your cancellation request form in January before the February invoice is sent out – your notice period would be four weeks in February.

For further information on how to make a cancellation, please refer to our

Policies and Procedures

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